Maintenance & Restoration

What did we do?

We did maintenance around a large pond, pulling out invasive trees and shrubs that were growing. The client was hoping for us to clean up the pond area, as well as perform all maintenace on grass, plant and flower beds, trim bushes, etc. It was a full-on maintenance program that they wanted and we delivered.

We began by dictating which specific trees/plants were invasive and should be removed. The pond area specifically was untouched for years. They also asked us to give the bushes a more modern yet unkempt look, so it was a mix of well manicured yet wild looking. Our landscape designer came up with a specific program just for these areas.

What sets our maintenance programs apart?

We have a big focus on training. We want the best employees who are always performing at the top of their game. To streamline our maintenance services, we've implemented GPS tracking for our equipment and vehicles. This technology allows us to efficiently dispatch crews, optimize route planning, and monitor equipment usage in real-time. As a result, we've been able to minimize travel time, reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall operational efficiency. We also utilize smart irrigation practices to monitor water usage compared to soil moisture to optimize irrigation schedules and save water usage.

We have more equipment, better cared for, and it's all newer top of the line equipment as well. We have 5 mechanics on site who keep our equipment running well. We have minimal down time with our equipment. We can also do a wider array of services because of our expert employees. We provide a customized approach for every single customer, instead of a cookie cutter model. We have a reliable and rapid response setup where every account has a dedicated account manager to address anything and everything.

Maintenance and Restoration Project Beverly Companies
Maintenance and Restoration Project Beverly Companies
Maintenance and Restoration Project Beverly Companies