How to Manage Snow Piles on a Commercial Property

Did you know that archaeological discoveries in Russia have unveiled evidence of a manmade snow shovel dating back 6,000 years? We have been battling snow & ice for a long time! One aspect of this battle is the always exciting snow pile. While pushing snow into a giant cluster may seem like a straightforward solution, it can pose potential safety risks.

This article explores five essential safety tips to manage snow piles effectively on your commercial property.

Designate snow removal areas before it snows

To prevent snow from hindering property functionality, designate specific areas where snow can be piled during removal. This strategic planning helps avoid interference with essential property elements and ensures efficient snow removal practices.

These areas should have good drainage away from the buildings for when the pile begins to melt. They should also be away from vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Lastly, they should never block things like fire hydrants, parked vehicles, or stop signs.

Make it CLEAR there is to be no playing on the snow piles

A giant snow pile looks like a magical ice kingdom to a kid. Unfortunately, property owners must discourage playing on them due to liability concerns. Snow piles can become dense and hazardous, especially as the top layer melts and refreezes. Children can easily fall off, or even in the pile where there are soft spots. Ensuring no one plays on these piles helps prevent injuries and maintains a safer environment for everyone.

Regularly De-Ice Walkways

Consistent de-icing of walkways is vital to prevent accidents caused by melting snow that refreezes. Even when it hasn’t snowed for a long time, regular application of salt on pathways is important to maintain safe walking conditions. Snow piles will continue to melt and create runoff water that can freeze overnight until they are completely melted.

Limit snow pile height

Large snow piles pose significant dangers as they can obstruct the vision of both pedestrians and drivers. When positioned near entrances/exits, street corners, or handicap accessibility areas, these piles limit visibility, increasing the risk of accidents.

Excessive snow pile weight can also lead to structural damage, particularly if piled against structures like fences, walls, or building exteriors. Limiting the height reduces the risk of damage to property infrastructure.

How to Manage Snow Piles on a Commercial Property Beverly Companies

Think about curb appeal

From the moment a customer drives onto your parking lot they are forming an opinion about you and your brand. One study in particular found that trust in a brand can be influenced by consumers’ emotional responses to that brand. Snow piles not only present practical challenges but also significantly impact your property’s visual appeal.

The presence of a large accumulation of dirty snow can detract from the carefully crafted curb appeal you’ve established, making your property less inviting. Opting for snow removal services to eliminate these piles may signal a commitment to maintaining a clean and visually appealing exterior, setting your business apart and reinforcing the notion that you value a positive aesthetic experience for visitors.

Each of these factors should be considered when planning your commercial property snow removal plans. If you move to hire a professional snow removal company, find out what they advise you to do with snow piles. If you plow the snow yourself, make sure to keep these factors in mind, it may just be what sets your company apart this winter.

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