Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contracts: What is right for your property?

No two maintenance contracts are the same — so how do you know what is right for your property? Just like snow and ice removal contracts, knowing what to look for in a contract is important to making an informed decision. All landscape maintenance contracts are different and fully customizable, it’s not as simple as just shopping for the lowest price. Here are some components that might vary from one company to the next and will guide you to make the best decision for your property!

Scope of Services: When it comes to scope of services, there is no such thing as too much detail. The contract should clearly state WHAT services will be provided, WHERE on the property the services will be performed, and WHEN (how often) the services will take place. Pay particular attention to start and end dates.
Landscape maintenance services can mean a lot of different things, so a detailed contract is important to provide a clear understanding of what services you are getting. Look for the following in your scope of work:
• Mowing: cutting, edging, blowing
• Debris Pick Up: removal of debris and garbage
• Lawn Care: fertilization, aeration, overseeding
• Bed Maintenance: weeding, pruning, mulch cultivation & installation, fertilization
• Pond Maintenance: herbicide treatments, aeration
• Irrigation: inspections, adjustments or repairs, winterizing
• Pest Control & Disease Treatments: preventative treatments, ongoing treatments
• Enhancements: Seasonal annual rotations, seasonal clean-ups, holiday planters, landscape install and design

Payment Terms: Payment terms should be clearly stated. What are the rates? When are payments due? Is there an extra fee if you pay with a credit card? Are there late fees? This helps avoid any disputes when it’s time to pay.

Change Orders: What if you want to add services mid-season? Does the contract allow for change orders? What if certain areas require additional services or there are special requests? While you may have discussed these items, its best to put it in writing so everyone feels confident and is on the same page.

Insurance Coverage: Be sure your contract outlines that the service carries general liability, auto liability, property, and workers compensations insurance. Also, the company should be willing to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

Service Crews: It’s important to know your property will be serviced by qualified individuals. Don’t be shy to ask for certifications, licenses or references. You should also confirm if any services will be subcontracted.

At Beverly Companies, we are up front with all of our services and costs, and you’ll find everything you need to know in our detailed contract. We have worked with hundreds of property managers over the years to help them discover what is the best maintenance plan for their property, and we believe open communication is important for a great partnership. Questions? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your landscape maintenance contracts.

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