6 strategies to revitalize your commercial landscaping

A study published by the Journal of Environmental Horticulture found that well landscaped businesses have a higher perceived value, and consumers are willing to pay more for goods and services when the landscaping is aesthetically pleasing.

Beyond this study, various research endeavors have consistently highlighted the positive impact of well-crafted landscaping across different sectors, ranging from retail and hospitality to restaurants and public spaces like parks. The common thread running through these findings is that effective landscaping not only attracts more visitors but also instills trust and enhances the overall visual allure.

If a positive reputation and more visitors is important to you, consider acting on these 6 landscaping tips to improve your commercial curb appeal.

Landscape maintenance

A well-maintained landscape serves as a powerful ambassador for any business, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and clients. Imagine a lush, green lawn free of unsightly brown or dead spots, meticulously trimmed bushes, and a complete absence of litter. This visual appeal is not merely an aesthetic preference but a strategic move that communicates professionalism and attention to detail.

A good landscape maintenance program encompasses essential practices such as fertilization, pruning, regular mowing, bed maintenance, edging, and seasonal clean-ups.

The benefits extend beyond aesthetics; a well-maintained landscape acts as a natural deterrent to weeds and ensures a seamless transition into the fall season, preventing clutter from accumulating amidst the falling leaves. In essence, the commitment to a consistently fresh and vibrant outdoor space not only elevates the overall appeal of your commercial property but also communicates a dedication to excellence.

6 strategies to revitalize your commercial landscaping Beverly Companies

Focus on what will be seen

Highlight those prominent areas that grab attention on your commercial property. These key locations, including entrances, signage, walkways, street-facing sides of buildings, and facility doorways, are pivotal in shaping first impressions.

Ensuring these areas remain in great condition involves strategic landscaping. Trim trees and shrubs to maintain readable signage and visible entryways, creating an inviting atmosphere. Elevate the visual allure by incorporating bountiful and beautiful blooms in containers, introducing vibrance to these high-traffic zones.

Utilize a layered approach to draw attention. Begin with groundcovers at the forefront, progress to perennials, medium-sized shrubs, and finally, taller shrubs, ornamental grasses, and trees in the background. Enhance signage by placing low-growing, bold annuals in front, complemented by tall shrubs behind, contributing to an overall boost in your property’s curb appeal. In landscape beds, striking a balance between perennials and annuals ensures year-round interest and visual appeal.

Don’t overlook the impact of annual mulch applications, not only for weed control but also for tidiness and added visual impact. Your business’s front door, a potent impression-maker, warrants special attention. Whether opting for a fresh coat of vibrant paint, decorative enhancements, or a rejuvenating touch, investing in your entryway enhances your property’s overall curb appeal, leaving a lasting mark on potential and returning customers alike.

6 strategies to revitalize your commercial landscaping Beverly Companies

Benches / seating options

Use your landscaping to tell people what they should do and where they should go. Business owners aim to create a welcoming atmosphere for customers from the moment they approach the storefront. An effective way to achieve this is by integrating benches and seating options into outdoor areas. These areas offer employees, guests, and visitors the opportunity to enjoy nature and fresh air while staying in close proximity to your building.

When considering outdoor seating areas and pathways, it’s important to opt for furniture materials that can endure varying weather conditions, such as wood, plastic, or painted metal. Shiny metals might become uncomfortably hot or cold depending on the season, so selecting resilient materials is key.

Maintain sidewalks / parking lots

A walkway with potholes or large cracks is not only an eye-sore, but can also be a liability issue. Among the most visible and frequently traversed areas on your commercial property, the sidewalks and parking lot demand particular attention.

The condition of these spaces speaks volumes about your commitment to professionalism, with even a minor crack or pothole potentially dissuading customers from engaging with your business. Avoid the pitfalls of preventable damage tarnishing your public image. Instead, prioritize the meticulous maintenance and prompt repair of sidewalks and parking lots to ensure your commercial property maintains its inviting appearance.

Outdoor lighting

Integrating new outdoor light fixtures not only introduces an added layer of sophistication but also fosters a heightened sense of safety, significantly elevating the nighttime curb appeal of your business. Modern lights contribute to a secure environment, assisting customers as they navigate in and out of their vehicles. The inclusion of supplementary pathway lighting further enhances the overall curb appeal, embellishing the approach to your building and creating a welcoming atmosphere for approaching customers.

Strategically illuminating key architectural features of your building allows you to leave a lasting impression on potential customers and clients. Beyond aesthetics, outdoor lighting enhances the security of your property during after-hours. Don’t let your business fade into the darkness; instead, amplify the visual and experiential aspects of your space. Moreover, the addition of lighting serves as a deterrent to potential criminal activity, discouraging burglars who prefer to operate unnoticed in the dark. Illuminate your business’s presence and safeguard its surroundings through thoughtfully implemented outdoor lighting solutions.

Design with people in mind & stay relevant

A study in the “Journal of Urban Design” found that parks and urban green spaces designed with attention to aesthetics and landscaping features tend to be more popular among residents and visitors. Apart from establishing a pop of robust color, remember the four aspects of design; proportion, order, repetition, and unity. It takes intentionality and smart planning to be the best in the neighborhood.

Install a creative bike rack, hide or decorate the trash bins, and always stay up to date on holiday décor. A Christmas tree still up at Easter shows lazy management and can create a very distasteful atmosphere for people.

By implementing these strategies, businesses can create visually appealing spaces and foster trust, attract more visitors, and communicate a dedication to excellence. Leaving a lasting impression on customers and clients with your landscaping is just one way to gain an advantage in a world where everyone is competing for the attention of the customer. Whether you hire a landscaping company to design and install, or you plan to do it yourself, there’s no telling how valuable a beautiful exterior can be for your property.

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